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Practical Maximalism

1950s Vocabulary Words Fridge Magnets

1950s Vocabulary Words Fridge Magnets

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Vocabulary word fridge magnets I made from a 1950s vintage flashcard set. Each magnet has a word and an example sentence, and these are available in themed sets of 12. These sets are intended to be a little snarky and spooky.

Magnets are each approximately 3.5” by 1.5”, but vary slightly due to the vintage and handmade nature of the items. Sealed with ModPodge so that these are water resistant, and each flashcard has a magnet paper backing.

See below for a list of the words included in each set!

“astrologist”: metaphysical, enthralled, galaxy, ephemeral, iridescent, millennium, aura, lucid, retrograde, interstellar, terrestrial, myriad

“billionaire”: connoisseur, charlatan, megalomania, hallmark, sardonic, avarice, lavish, flaunt, rococo, titanic, sycophant, vapid

“Edgar”: hallucination, necromancy, recluse, coagulate, obsequies, histrionic, obituary, mausoleum, blight, apparition, protrusion, destitution

“proletariat”: ideology, utopian, intelligentsia, propagate, maritime, plebeian, panacea, sedentary, bourgeois, mundane, subservient, protagonist

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